A Prompt Exercise

So, was given the prompt to write a poem about ‘taking out the trash,’ and I actually kind of like it so, hope you enjoy.

I have much appreciation for the talent
Of actors playing crowded scenes
In New York city streets.
At the height of summer,
When the sidewalks trap you like night club floors.
As the liquids flow from plastic bags,
And they somehow pretend
That the sticky, sweet scent of rot
Is simply part of fantasy

On Redundancy

There is a bitterness at the tip of my tongue.
That I scrape with my teeth,
And try to remove the taste of self loathing
That comes only when I feel the butterfly wings,
Crushed beneath your silence

Waiting for that screen to light,
Allowing myself to believe
In the possibility of your presence.
Of your follow through;
Of your word.

Lying here with shivers
And a fever that won’t break.
Clutching the pillow
With white knuckled fingers. 
Gnawing at the skin around my nails

Hating myself for setting alarms 
To wake me up for your arrival 
Instead of finally sleeping 
And letting myself wake up,
To a well-rested disappointment

Willing my mind to go blank
As the TV plays something
I’ve heard 1,000 times before 
Because you, my dear,
Require nothing but my apathy.

I’m still convincing myself
Not to give you more.

Combining Identities

So, in an attempt to actually market myself properly and make my life mildly less confusing, I have finally combined the Emma & Zoe content to just be under the Zoe Dean handle. I may or may not go back through old posts to change every mention of “Emma” over to “Zoe”….

But probably not.

I’ve been working on a new book called Pyrokinesis, aiming to have that done by end of 2021/beginning 2022, and will probably post some snippets here as I work through it. Something to help me work through poetry writer’s block, because Covid severely limited my bad dating stories.

Good for my mental health, but back for the *art* and whatnot.

Thanks for bearing with me through this change, it will literally have no impact on your life but makes mine less of a headache.